Sunday Mutterings on Historical Erotica

There’s a thread at AAR’s Potpourri board listing metaphors or plot elements people hate. Apart from the fact that several people listed things which belong to the “code” of romance, like comparing the hero to a predator (any guesses where the term “alpha hero” comes from?) (hey, if I don’t like dragons and magic swords I’ll keep away from fantasy, right?) and seemed to take a certain delight in bashing authors, what struck me as most strange was a comment that loads of historical heroines know about oral sex from a book.

So? What’s wrong with that?

I mean, yes, of course, just looking at the ILLUSTRATIONS in these books would have probably been educational enough. *ggg* After all, erotica is no invention of the 20th century. The industry started long before that and produced some rather … uhm … interesting results. For heaven’s sake, there’s an antique Greek comedy featuring women who buy dildos ’cause they’re sexually frustrated!

Of course, it might have been not too easy for a gently-reared young lady to find those books in her father’s/brother’s/husband’s library, but the possibility certainly existed because the books existed.

Besides, romance is fantasy. FANTASY! (Even if there are generally no real dragons and no magic swords.)

End of rant.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Mutterings on Historical Erotica

  1. Carolyn

    Personally, I prefer heroines learning about oral sex from the Alpha hero himself, but books and pictures are good, too.

    What’s odd is how some people seem to have this really rigid notion about what people were like in the past. Human nature really hasn’t changed all that much. The difference is culture, that’s changed quite a bit. But young ladies in, say, Regency gowns still had sexual feelings and curiosity, and it’s silly to think they didn’t.

  2. Sandy

    Personally, I prefer heroines learning about oral sex from the Alpha hero himself,

    You’re absolutely right, Carolyn! :O)

    but books and pictures are good, too.

    At least to get a general idea. *g* Especially if the aforementioned alpha hero has a tendency to balk at having sex with the heroine. For whatever strange reason. :O)

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