Sunday Mutterings

Five more weeks to go until RWA national in Reno. Only five more weeks … Duh. Remember I had this great, big plan to lose weight until the conferene, get that cute butt, the trim waist? So far I lost – 1 kg.

One measly kilogramm.

Isn’t it depressing?

Okay, so I didn’t really diet. Dieting in summer with all the yummy ice cream and cakes and what not is just so difficult.

Okay, so I didn’t use my super-duper wriggle-your-butt stepper either and played couch potato instead (when I had the time, that is).

Okay, so the lost kilogramm has been just an accident.

But still, IT’S NOT FAIR!

Other people are posting pictures of the dresses they’re going to wear at the publishers’ parties or the Rita awards ceremony on their blog! Pictures of gorgeous dresses! I forgot all about gorgeous dresses!!! ARGH!!!!!!

Really, I had thought I had solved the clothes problem. After all, the other two conferences both went fine in that respect, and I managed to look nice and professional (er … at least I think I did … *scratching my head*). Therefore I thought RWA national is going to be a picnic. BUT – I forgot about the big parties. Or more specifically, the dresses for the big parties. *sigh* So this means just salad for the rest of the five weeks. Or mostly salad. Blimey.

To make up for this big shock, I pampered myself a bit today and spent the morning snuggled up in bed reading Laura Abbot’s THE WRONG MAN. Hmmm. It was a heavenly morning! One of the nice things about my new flat is the view from my bedroom window: the tops of the big old trees standing in the schoolyard beyond, and apart from that, mostly sky. And then there’s the happy gurgling of the water in the big fishpond in our backyard. And then there’s the unhappy meeowing of the cats outside the bedroom, pretending to perish with hunger. I have to admit this somewhat ruins the romantic atmosphere….

So, what about Cissy? you might ask. The heroine who’s finally made it to her old castle? Oh well, I’m going to grab my Alpha Smart (this is, btw, not a new car, but my new writing tool!) and make myself some ice tea and then go outside and sit on the veranda of our little wooden hut in the backyard. Right next to the fishpond and the gurgling of the mini-stream. And then we’ll see what I can do about making my hero darker and more compelling. Sounds like a great plan, huh?

So have a great Sunday all; I’m on my way to the Black Forest!

PS: I discovered this great site last night: Romancing the Blog. It’s a blog itself, but it also lists lots of authors’ and readers’ blogs, too.

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