6 thoughts on “Stuff on My Desk

  1. Laura Vivanco

    It took a while for the pictures to come up, and the first one to appear was the one in which the cat fills the whole photo. I thought ‘Hmm. Sandra’s desk looked like a cat? Is this some weird fairytale reference?’

    Anyway, does this mean that you’ve finished proof-reading the galley and we’ll get the next installment of the podcast story soon? Please?

  2. Karen W.

    Aww… Love the beautiful kitty photos. My house looks like your desk with my three kitties lounging everywhere. 🙂

  3. Sandra Schwab

    I’m glad you all like my kitties — and the library cards! 🙂 They were fun to create!

    RE: the podcast story: Laura, I can’t promise anything because I’m in deadline hell at the moment (200 pages to go until 15 March). SORRY!!!! But if I won’t manage to read anything until March, I’ll give a podcasting party then — how about that?

  4. Laura Vivanco

    I’m in deadline hell at the moment (200 pages to go until 15 March)

    As all of you writers have muses, I’m assuming this is the classical version of hell, where heroes can go down, have a chat with some of the dead and then come back up again? I’m looking forward to mid-March.

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