Story No. 2 Finished!!!!!

Finished “A Tangled Web” (WOOOHOO!!!!). Now I just need to type it all up (= three slim Moleskine notebooks) and then finish the third story (which is actually the first of the series) over the weekend.

Insights I gained during the last few days:

  • I write faster by hand. Though why this should come as a surprise to me, I don’t know – after all during my late teens and early twenties I used to write these monstrously long fantasy novels (all by hand!), and one of them I wrote within six weeks.
  • While first-kiss scenes are really awkward to write, second-kiss scenes are much better.
  • The more you know about social conventions in the 19th century, the more difficult it is to write about love and courtship during that time, especially when your characters don’t belong to the aristocracy. Hmph. I try not to bend the rules too much, though I had to bend them a little for “A Tangled Web”
  • I love the heroes of this series. They’re all rather sweet, especially Robbie and Lawrence from the first two stories. Alex is a bit more intense, but then he is a tough adventurer, who travelled around the Wild, Wild West AND the Far East.

I’ll leave you with a bit of hero-sweetness from “A Tangled Web”:

He dragged her into the hallway, where they found his coat and her shawl — the beautiful shawl he had given her. As he had done before, he draped it around her shoulders, then kissed the tip of her nose.

“Leave the bonnet,” he whispered. “I love seeing your hair.”

“It’s not seemly.”

His eyes twinkled with mischief when he leaned down to murmur against her ear, “I dare you to leave the bonnet.”

How could she resist him?