Still There, Still Busy

I’m a bad, bad blogger these days. That’s because I’m trying to be a good, good teacher and visiting professor: we’re in the middle of our summer term here in Mainz and I’m currently preparing a course for the summer school at York University in Toronto, where I’ll be teaching “The Rise of the Novel” from 21 June to 30 July this year. 4 days a week, 3 hours a day. That’s 72 hours all in all. *gulp* This will be the most intense course I’ve ever taught (she said in slightly worried tones).

In addition, I also have to prepare my presentation for the IASPR conference in Brussels as well as a presentation as part of my application for an assistant professorship (no tenure track, alas) at Mainz University.

What’s more, last week I had two moles cut out of my arm and leg, and next week my dentist will be busy filling two holes in my teeth.

In other words, these days there’s little chance that I’ll ever get bored. But I guess being busy is better than having fallen off the edges of the earth. 🙂

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