Still Re-Reading N&S

Yup, I’m still at N&S (and am quietly freaking out about that final oral exam *sob*) (No, I’m not exaggerating: I’m already having nightmares about the stupid thing! As in, I’m in the exam and they’re asking me questions for which I’m totally unprepared. Or questions about books I haven’t read. Like Dickens. (I’m not a huge Dickens fan; I’ve read Oliver Twist ages ago + Mystery of Edwin Drood + beginning of Pickwick Papers + that’s about all I remember.) Or questions about those big, fat 18th-century novels, which I haven’t really read either. In other words: they’re going to find out that I’m a fraud. *sob sob sob*)

Okay, so I’m still reading N&S (and lusting after Mr. Thornton) (especially when I think of Richard Armitage as Mr. Thornton!!! Yum!). You can, of course, read the novel as a romance, and if you do, the dynamics in the relationship of Margaret and Thornton make so much more sense. In many ways, the relationship resembles that in Pride & Prejudice: At the beginning, the hero is attracted to the heroine (against his better judgment), while she thinks he is some kind of lower life form that has crawled out from beneath a stone. Consequently, his first proposal comes as a shock for her and she rejects him (and takes the chance to tell him exactly what she thinks of him). Yet almost immediately afterwards, our heroine begins to wonder whether she has misjudged the poor hero (who’s broken-hearted; poor thing). Despite her rejection, he still cares for her, and when she / her family / her idiotic siblings run into trouble, he tries to help her. She realises that she has utterly, utterly, UTTERLY misjudged the poor man and herself (for she’s actually quite in love with the hunky hero), but she assumes that her hunky man now detests her and thinks she is the lowest of the lowest and will never ever speak to her again. But he does! (yay!) And proposes again!!! And they lived happily ever after. 🙂

But Margaret & Thornton’s story also reminded me of Loretta Chase’s Lord of Scoundrels. As with Jessica and Dain, sparks fly whenever M. & Mr. T. meet. They’ve got these very intense discussions, arguments even, but Thornton simply can’t stay away and always comes back for more 🙂

*happy sigh*

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  1. Carrie Lofty

    Totally agree with similarities b/t P&P and N&S. I think it’s most clearly seen when you get away from their individual writing styles and see the film adaptations, where the pacing of the 4-hour miniseries installments even parse out about the same way 🙂

    And I talked about Dickens today on my blog! Well, Dickens and head-hopping and Sting

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