Still no 12-hour orgasm in sight

… but I’ve found that those toothpains I’ve had for the past two days are due to tensions in the jaw and me pressing my tongue against the front teeth.

BTW, I threw out the scene where the heroine is holding a knife to somebody else’s throat. I thought that was a bit extreme for that book. But to make up for it, my next heroine is going to stick a dagger or a sword or something like that into the villain.

And tomorrow I’m going to buy a big, HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE box of Lebkuchen (that’s German gingerbread) and will spend the weekend munching Lebkuchen and watching all the GUARDIAN episodes I missed this week.

Hey, and perhaps, who knows? on Monday I might even start the next book *g*

One thought on “Still no 12-hour orgasm in sight

  1. Julie! ^_^

    Just keep on writing them! I will surely be there to read them! *grin*
    I guess, everybody tends to think he/she wrote absolute sh… *cough* I do, too! *grin*
    But believe me, that gets cured really fast when you get the first positive reactions. And who listens to the negative ones? *lol*

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