Still alive …

… but buried in dragons.

Self-imposed deadline is approaching – and I’m completely freaking out. Still need to write two whole chapters (argh!), and some of the research has turned out to be very time-consuming (like counting different editions of one text on google books and abebooks, or trying to find out when specific textual variants were used for the very first time).

Please keep your fingers crossed that I’ll manage to finish the dratted diss in time!

3 thoughts on “Still alive …

  1. Laura Vivanco

    They might not be UK books, but if they are, it might be possible to find details of all the UK editions in the British Library’s catalogue. I suppose you’d have thought of that already, though.

    I sympathise with you greatly on the issue of fiddly details which are very time-consuming.

  2. Carolyn

    Good luck! My offer to proofread or whatever still stands. Send more whenever you like.

    I will send you a box of ‘Nilla wafers (need your address!)

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