Still alive and kicking

Oy, it’s me. I bet you will be so glad to hear that I’ve neither fallen off the edges of the earth and am now floating through outer space, nor been abducted by aliens and am now floating through outer space covered in green slime. Nooo, not me. I’ve been busy.

Remember back in summer when I sold my next two books? The only revision request my editor had back then was, “Perhaps Sandra could add two or three paragraphs of backstory.” Two or three paragraphs — wow! And that from the man who’s famous for his loooooooooooong lists of requested changes!!! Double wow! I admit, I couldn’t help boasting of my “two or three paragraphs” non-list. It was decidedly odd, true, but hey, you know, true genius and everything?

Right. True genius and everything came crashing down earlier this week when my editor contacted me after he had … uhm … edited Castle of the Wolf (that’s why he’s called editor, right?). And then I got the list. The loooooooong list of requested changes. So that’s what I’m doing now: revising. Making the reasons for my hero’s grumpiness clearer, throwing in some more cards, having a secondary character musing about the disadvantages of the sheltered upbringing of young girls. Which reminds me: can a person blush like a peony?