Still alive and kicking

10 more days.

10 more days until the deadline will hit me over the head. (Well, not really, the deadline isn’t until the end of the month, but I’ll need to send the dratted manuscript to my agent so she can send a print-out to my editor.)

And I still got 60 more pages to write. Or something. *headdesk*

And I’m stuck. Or rather, I’ve been deserted by the Muse.

WAAAAAAAAAARGH! *headdesk headdesk headdesk*

This time, not even writing the love scene helped (it helped when Cissy got stuck on the Rhine). *headdesk* I’ve never had any problems writing love scenes. Heck, those are usually among the first scenes that I write. But no, not this time. Plenty of sexual tension beforehand, no problem, but when they get to the serious stuff — blank. (Waaaaargh! *headdesk*)

By now, I’m once more utterly convinced that poor ChrisK will drop dead when he reads this manuscript.

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