Stephen Fry in America

As you might have gleaned from my Twitter tweets, I’ve got something of a crush on Stephen Fry at the moment. Not a crush-crush, if you know what I mean. He seems to be such a nice and decent man, and I really enjoyed KINGDOM and the various Fry and Laurie sketches available on the YouTube channel of BBC Worldwide.

So this week I watched STEPHEN FRY IN AMERICA – Fry travelling through all the 50 states of the USA in the course of six 60-minute episodes. Of course, in such a short time, you get no more than glimpses of the country, nevertheless, the series is a good introduction to the USA and leaves you curious to find out more and to travel to the States yourself. Or at the very least you wish that Fry would have spent another 12 episodes travelling up and down the country. 🙂

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