Squiggles Conquer the Page

That’s what a page of the manuscript looks like after I revised the text (the scanner is acting weirdly these days and cut off the top third of the page). Hmm. Perhaps I can sell those pages as modern art when I’m through with the revisions? Hehe.

In the middle of the page you see the bit in which Fox imagines his friend Drew pecked to death by the golden partridge’s sharp retorts. In the bottom margin Miss Bourne purrs, her voice sweeter than those sticky molasses. At the top of the margin on the right you can just see the last bit of the rat terrier simile, and running down the rest of that margin is dragon Lady Holland.

2 thoughts on “Squiggles Conquer the Page

  1. Laura Vivanco

    “her voice sweeter than those sticky molasses”

    Although “molasses” looks like a plural, it isn’t, so you shouldn’t have “those”. It would be “her voice sweeter than molasses.” Molasses isn’t as sweet as syrup. It’s like very dark brown sugar in runny form.

    Hmm. I’ve just looked up the online OED (short version) and it says:

    • noun 1 a thick, dark brown liquid obtained from raw sugar during the refining process. 2 N. Amer. golden syrup.

    So then I looked up treacle:

    • noun chiefly Brit. 1 molasses. 2 golden syrup.

    So when you say “molassess” I’m thinking dark brown slightly runny stuff that’s not very, very sweet, and has a rich flavour and I’d usually call it treacle, and the Americans will be thinking “translucent slightly runny stuff that tastes very sweet”. Divided by a common language, yet again 😉 But either way, “molasses” is still singular.

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