Springtime Pleasures & NaNoWriMo 13 – Day 1

I do apologise: I’ve been a bad blogger. *hangs her head in shame* I really do need to get back the hang of blogging on a regular basis. I mean, I didn’t even announce the publication of SPRINGTIME PLEASURES here. Argh! *head desk*

Yes, SPRINGTIME PLEASURES has come out and has already garnered some very nice reviews. The German LoveLetter magazine called it “a small jewel” and Mel from bookworm2bookworm wrote about the novel:

“If I was given one word to describe ‘Springtime Pleasures’ I would choose ‘cute’, but I’m so glad not to have to choose only one word because this is one of those books that will have you smile long after you’re done reading it.”

 “Cute” was also how Carole Rae described the story:

“Overall, this was a cute and fun and simply adorable. I simply loved the added letters. It really added a special-ness to it. I’m also so glad that Sandra Schwab made the HEA between Charlie and Griff a little harder to obtain. I shall recommend this to those that love HRs and for those looking for a book that will make them smile.”

Oh, I LOVE making my readers smile! 🙂

You can buy the ebook online from Amazon (a print edition will follow in a few days’ time), or you can enter one of several giveaways:

Good luck!


In other news: I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo 2013, i.e., National Novel Writing Month, when thousands of writers from all around the world aim to write a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days. I start off my first NaNoWriMo as a NaNo Rebel because I’m not exactly writing a novel, but something else. A secret project. Shhhhh.

You can find my NaNo profile here – if you’re joining the NaNo madness, please feel free to add me as your Writing Buddy!

Today started quite well: so far I’ve written 2609 words and have already made my heroine almost cry. I will proceed to ruin my hero’s day tomorrow. 🙂

Here’s a snippet from today’s chapters (please remember that this is a raw, very raw, first draft!):

“Have you heard? Devil’s back,” said the men in the alehouses of London, with whom he had drunk and gambled and sometimes fought, ugly, brutal tavern brawls, not at all fitting for one of the house of Crenshaw. In the Cider Cellar, which could boast to have been his favourite haunt, they sang a raucous song in his honour, toasting the man who would laugh Satan himself in the face.

Stay tuned for further NaNoWriMo updates!