Speaking of Books

Ana, a reader from Portugal, reviewed THE LILY BRAND on her blog and gave it a B+. Yay! *Sandy blows a kiss down south to Portugal*

Speaking of books, among the novels I read in the past few weeks was Teresa Medeiros’s latest release, SOME LIKE IT WICKED. Teresa is an author whose books are like warm, cuddly blankets, with which you want to snuggle up on your couch on a cold winter’s day: to escape an unwanted wedding, Catriona Kincaid marches into Newgate Prison and strikes a bargain with a disgraced nobleman, Simon Westcott, the enfant terrible of London society. Together they travel to the Highlands in order to save Catriona’s clan and find her brother — but a villain is already hot on their heels. And in the end, what they find in the Highlands is not quite what Catriona has expected. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read.
A friend of mine (yes, I’m looking at you, Esther) got me hooked on Patricia Briggs’s Mercedes Thompson series. I’ve read the first book, MOON CALLED — it’s fast and furious and great fun to read. And the hero(es)! Oh, the hero(es)!!! Scrumptious, super-sexy werewolves. Hmm. 🙂

I also tried Deanna Raybourn’s SILENT IN THE GRAVE, but for some reason the book and I didn’t really fit. I guess my former folklore professor is to blame: I know too much about death in the Victorian Age… 🙂