Soup, anybody?

A few weeks ago I fell in love with red transferware. I blame it all on the series Old Britain Castles – the form of those dishes is just too cute! (The tea pot, the creamer, and the lidded sugar bowl all have tiny, itty-bitty feet.) The red (which is acutally more of a reddish-pink colour) goes well with the overall colour scheme of my dining area, so I thought it would be nice to collect dining plates etc. for festive dinners. Thanks to ebay I’m now the proud (future) owner of 12 soup plates of Myott’s Country Life. So, would anybody like to stop by for soup? 🙂
Look here and here for some lovely decorations with transferware. (Now you know why I like the Little Red House blog so much! *g*)

3 thoughts on “Soup, anybody?

  1. Laura Vivanco

    Sandra, where do you store all these tea-sets and dishes you’re buying? I’m imagining that your house is beginning to look like an antiques shop crossed with a second-hand bookshop. With cats.

  2. Sandra Schwab

    I had to rearrange the contents of my kitchen cabinets, and said goodbye to the glass cups I’ve never used anyway. Same with the tea pot made of glass. In contrast to the cups, I did use it in the past, but the handle had come loose on one end, and the form of the pot didn’t quite suit my current style. So … off it went.

    In addition, I’ve discovered some unexpected storage space on top of the cupboard and the display cases in my sitting room: they’ve got a rather high crown (is that what you call it in English?), behind which you can hide a box or two. Practically perfect for jam jars and decoration stuff which you don’t need every other week. 🙂

  3. Laura Vivanco

    “They’ve got a rather high crown (is that what you call it in English?)”

    I have absolutely no idea. I don’t really know much about furniture, and if that bit has a name, it’s a fairly specialised sort of word.

    I’m glad all the new stuff has a safe place to “live.”

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