Softies for Mirabel: Miss Rosie Red

Corduroy Wes has got a new friend:

It’s little Miss Rosie Red (made from a Hop Skip Jump pattern)!

She likes music.

Veeeery much so. And if you give her a few books to sit on, she can even play the piano!

Here she shows you the itty bitty (red!) flowers that adorn her stylish trousers:

A ribbon of tulips! Aren’t they cute?

But for now, little Miss Rosie hasn’t got much time to think about tulips or other flowers. Instead she dreams ….

…. of foreign shores. For in just a few days, Rosie will go on a long journey to Australia – more specifically to “Meet Me at Mike’s” in Melbourne for the fourth annual Softies for Mirabel project: people from all around the world send them handmade softies, which will be displayed in the store window during the first week of December. Afterwards, the dollies and stuffed animals will all be wrapped up and donated to the Mirabel Foundation.

Miss Rosie can’t wait to hop on that plane to Australia!

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