So, so happy!!!

Today we took Jago to the vet for an ultrasound. Ever since he had those nasty giardia back in May last year, has had problems with his digestion, and we feared things would worsen as they did for poor Lady (the giardia and the medication eventually destroyed her intestine, and she had to be put to sleep). Therefore, I was really, really afraid of the results of this ultrasound.

But — hooray! They didn’t find anything serious! Wheee!!!!!!! He only suffers from an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, but that can be treated with cortisone. I’m so, so relieved and so very happy! (So relieved, in fact, that I nearly cried at the vet’s. *g*)

3 thoughts on “So, so happy!!!

  1. Kate Walker

    I’d have cried! I’m so happy for you and for Jago. Having been through that dreadful moment at the vet’s too often in the last few months, I’m so relieved that Jago is doing so well. Sir Sidney and Flora send happy purrs too


  2. Sandra Schwab

    Thanks for the hoorays and good wishes, Kate & Kate! 🙂 Jago has just had dinner: he’s eaten the whole 106 g of catfood that were in the package. He hasn’t done that for months! It’s so great to see how his appetite is improving!

    Many happy purrs back to Sir Sidney and Flora!

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