I’ve already had some suspicions when I started my podcast and the stats of the libsyn visitor counter varied wildly from that of sitemeter. But I always thought these differences stem from people downloading or listening to the podcast via and similar services. But now that I’ve put a visitor counter on my website, too, and sitmeter tells me something quite different than the visitor counter of my webhost, I’ve reached the conclusion that sitemeter indeed does not count all visitors. The numbers are really worlds apart. Still, I’ll keep it on the sites; it’s nice (and exciting!!!) to see where you all live. :O)

3 thoughts on “Sitemeter

  1. IPshifter formaly known as rsa

    Hi Sandy,

    this is interesting. For I’m curious: Do you think I’m positng from Spain now? Or what is the IP you see from me right now? Not sure if this works the way it’s supposed to…

  2. Anonymous

    rats! so now I know that this is not working. Does is now though? Where I’m I now?

    (Sorry to abuse your blog for my sinster games…)

    And yes it’s me =8-}

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