Signs of Life

Surprise, surprise, I’ve not been eaten by Teh Horribelz Dragonz! (Though it was near thing …) And I’m deliriously happy to announce that by the end of next week all dragons will be dead as doornails – in other words, by the end of next week my baggy 390-page monster will be finished. (Woohoooo!!!!)

At the moment I still have to do all these annoying itty-bitty things like inserting final corrections, making sure the bibliography is complete, sorting out footnotes, etc. Have you ever noticed that if you write something in MS Word on Computer 1, transfer the file to Computer 2 and open it there, the formatting is not quite the same and you end up with a different amount of pages? Very annoying that. In order to prevent such things from happening, I’ll have to connect the printer directly to the notebook. Too bad that the printer stands in one of these computer-cupboard thingies – it’ll need advanced acrobatics to get it out of the cupboard thingie and onto the desk. Hmph.

So what will I do after I’ll have finished the dratted diss? Well, first I’ll have to mark papers and exams and such things *roll eyes* And afterwards …

I’ll sit in the garden and sew & embroider tea cosies. 🙂 Or I’ll try my hand at quilting. I’ve fallen in love with several of the Moda fabric collections and they would make such wonderful quilts.

And, of course, I’ll return to my Regency England and – oh my gosh! – write!!! You don’t know how much I missed writing in these past few months. It’s horrible when you’ve got all these stories bottled up in you and you can’t let them out. Waaaargh! Horrible, horrible, horrible, I tell you!

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