Signs of Life

In case you’ve wondered, I still haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth (yay me!) so I still can’t tell you the sex of the Great Turtle. (Besides I wouldn’t know what to look for to ascertain the sex of a turtle anyway.) No, last week I merely did my taxes for 2008. Which was hellish (granted, not so hellish as that thing with the dragons, but there were numbers involved which is bad enough).

I also watched Morse.

Or rather, I’m still watching Morse – getting through all the 33 episodes takes a bit of time, after all. 🙂 Obviously, I love the series not only because it’s well written, but also because you can play many entertaining games while watching it. Like, “Spotting Colin Dexter” (he’s the author of the Morse novels, and he has cameo appearances in almost all episodes of both Morse and Lewis) or (my favourite!) “Spotting actors who also appear in Lewis (but in different roles and with greyer hair)”.

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