Shopping Spree, or Quilting Here I Come

In the past few months when I was still tormented by teh Horribelz Dragonz I bought quite a few books on quilting. I love quilts and I thought it would be nice to learn how to make one of my own. As you know, I also thought about buying a new sewing machine.

For weeks I’ve been lusting after the many lovely, lovely, lovely fabric collections from Moda, but refrained from buying any because, after all, I hadn’t yet bought the aformentioned sewing machine and did I really want to put a quilt together by hand??? Sound and very mature reasoning, isn’t it?

I probably would have been to withstand temptation a bit longer, if only it hadn’t been for the sale at the Fat Quarter Shop. And the strong Euro. I mean, if you buy a whole bundle of fabric for $ 71, including shipping, and this translates into mere € 50, why, it’s like a bargain! Sort of.

And thus I succumbed to temptation, after all. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Shopping Spree, or Quilting Here I Come

  1. azteclady

    oh, I know–knew–you are evil.

    I just thought you liked me *sniff*

    *plotting how to acquire pretty fabric and blame Sandra for the budget wreckage*

  2. Patricia

    Sandy, you should join the Lallyquilters if you haven’t already. Great group of wonderful ladies who will help you with everything. They also organise block swaps and lots of other things. The squares I got from the LQ girls are among my most treasured possessions…

  3. The Tudor Rose

    Oh, I wish I had time to quilt (not to mention a sewing machine). Instead I am confining myself to getting a few stitches done on my cross stitching at a time until I finish a few projects I have on the go.

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