Shameless Fan-Girl

Some weeks are just great — and this is one of them:

  • found the poem about TLB
  • got some really wonderful news from NY (but nothing I can post about yet)
  • finished that chapter for the thesis
  • discovered that I can now get Cranberry juice from the nearest big supermarket (no need to drive all the way to WalMart! Yay!)


  • there’s a new diary entry up at!!! Hooray! It’s been such a long time since the last one, so this was a lovely surprise indeed. I love reading them because they’re about such a different world and Adam Cooper comes across as such a nice guy. Isn’t it great to find out that writers, artists, or in this case, dancers whose works you love, are likable people in real life, too? I was similarly enchanted when I read that letter from Dorothy Dunnett (which I enthused about here) and found she must have been a completely lovely and witty lady). :O)