Sewing Soothes the Soul

Yesterday was a day full of worries and general panicking, which made it rather difficult to properly concentrate on my work (the yummy Mr. Thornton notwithstanding). So during my lunch break I took out my sewing machine and started on another pouch, this one in deep burgundy reds from the Aster Manor line by Three Sisters.

I’m happy to report that it no longer takes me 10,000 hours to pin together two strips of fabric (yay me!). Consequently it took me a little less than an hour to put together the outside of the pouch, consisting of seven small strips. I love the ratta-ta-tatt of my sewing machine, and the moment when you unfold the fabric you’ve just sewn together and there it is – a nice straight seam, all neat and lovely.

For me it’s extremely soothing to concentrate for once on something that doesn’t have anything to do with literature, books, or computers. And it’s enormously satisfying to see something grow under your hands and to imagine the pleasure it will give to the person for which it is intended.

After an hour at the sewing maching I always feel refreshed and full of energy, ready to return to the world of books.

One thought on “Sewing Soothes the Soul

  1. Anonymous

    I am taking up sewing and I hope it soothes my soul as it does yours. My soul has been so restless lately.

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