Sew & Tell: The Sock Kitteh

Earlier today, the kitteh still didn’t have any arms or ears. (Poor kitteh!)

But hey! Look, there’s an ear!

— “Hello, other kitteh! Could I borrow your ears?”

— “Uh … hm … let me think about it …”

— “Have you thought about it?”

— “Yes.”

— “And? Will you lend me you ears?”

— “No.”

Despite this lamentable lack of support and cooperation, the sock kitteh finally got her ears and arms (made from yet another sock) this evening.

Happy kitteh sitting in front of a pile of new books which I got this week:

The inspiration for the kitteh came from this book (also brandnew):

SOCK AND GLOVE by Miyako Kanamori.

The sock kitteh then made friends with the other kitteh.

“Yes, indeed. We R friend 4evah!”

The End


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Sew & Tell is organised by Amy Lou. Click on the picture above to jump to her blog & the Sew & Tell party. 🙂

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