Saying goodbye to Teh Kitteh

A page from my first sketchbook, March 2012

The time has almost come when I’ll have to say goodbye to my sweet kitty. She’s had kidney problems for years, and indeed, it’s a miracle that she has survived as long as this. After the catastrophic results of another blood test back in January, our vet told us she wouldn’t see the end of the month. Well, our vet was wrong.

But now things aren’t looking too good, for the kitty is no longer eating properly. She’s still playing and she still wants her cuddles, so it’s incredibly difficult to decide when the right time has come to let her go. *sigh*

4 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Teh Kitteh

  1. azteclady

    If I may, do it on a good day. Don’t wait until she’s in such pain every breath is a misery. It will help remember her with joy, for that’s what she deserves.

    Thinking of you both, with lots of hugs and warmth.

  2. Sandra Schwab

    If I may, do it on a good day. Don’t wait until she’s in such pain every breath is a misery

    We will definitely not wait as long as that. At the moment she is still happy and she is still playing – and she has started eating again. Moreover, her fur looks better than it has in years. In other words, the time to say goodbye hasn’t come quite yet after all.

  3. azteclady

    That’s such good news–I know you already do, but just love her a lot every day, cuddle and pet and play and hold. Once she’s gone, every minute you spent showing her your love will make missing her easier.

    (I had to say goodbye to my beloved Laika on December 19 2009, and that’s what I focus on every day when I think of her, that I loved her and she loved me back.)

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