Saturday Musings

A week has passed since the horrid deadline for the even more horrid WIP and after eating a at least a kilo of gingerbread in the past seven days, I’m slowly back to my normal self. I.e., still panicky, but no more headless-chicken-routine. But somewhat fatter than a week ago. Well, that can’t be helped really. (Oh the sacrifices we make for our art!) (Perhaps you could imagine some suitably dramatic background music at this point. *g*)

As I said before, I’m working at putting together a German website. I had almost finished it today and triumphantly clicked the “Write HTML” button of my homepage-building-for-dummies programme — and as a result it ripped my lovely homepage apart. All tables I had in there ruined in strange and mysterious ways. I am sooooohoooo frustrated!!!! ARGH!