Sandy’s Podchatter #4

… is now online. I’m reading one of my old short stories, called “Witch-in-the-Bottle”. It’s about two little girls who find out it’s much better to let sleeping dogs lie, or rather, to let sleeping witches lie … And it starts thus:

Silvered & stoppered bottle,
said to contain a witch.
Obtained about 915 aRC from
an old Lady living in
a village near EVOH,
SOUTHLAND. She remarked
“an they do say there be
a witch in it, and if you
let un out there’ll be a
peck o’trouble.”
Pres. by Hon. MA. Rose Silver-
thorn, 926 aRC.
Half frightened, half curious and very much impressed, the two girls stared at the little bottle, silvery surface shining brightly in the dim light of the museum….