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If I look at my romance shelves I find there are several books, especially from my early romance reading days (= the time after I’d figured out that the books I were enjoying so much were romances; I had read romances before, I just thought they were historical novels …), which I enjoyed quite a lot. Nevertheless, I’ve often never bought another by that author. Strange, isn’t it? I can’t explain it myself. Perhaps I was afraid to be disappointed after liking that first book so much? Yet I had no problems buying another of, say, Gaelen Foley’s novels after reading Lord of Fire (hmmmm, isn’t Lucien hot? I love that scene when he and Alice meet for the first time and he makes her feel his naked chest. Yum!).

So who are my one-book authors?

  • Anita Mills with The Duke’s Double
  • Kathleen Harrington with The MacLean Groom (this has just been translated into German! lucky German readers!!!)
  • Shannon Drake with Come the Morning
  • Dinah McCall with Legend
  • Donna Simpson with Lady Delefont’s Dilemma
  • Tammy Hilz McCallum with Dared to Dream (the novel won a Golden Heart in 1997)
  • Valentina Luellen with The Devil of Talland

Madeline Hunter is an almost one-book author: I read By Arrangement in 2000 and loved it and for the longest time it remained my only book of Hunter’s. Then five years later I stumbled across an ad for Lord of Sin, LOVED the cover, bought the book — and didn’t even finish it. *sob* I still have Lady of Sin in my TBR pile (got it at the 2006 RWA National in Atlanta), but haven’t dared to read it so far. Hmph.

Are there one-book authors on your shelves, too?

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  1. Anonymous

    Ohmigod. Throw Lady of Sin away, far far away. Then go and get anything else by Hunter. She is so so good (usually), you are really missing out. Try The Protector or Lord of a Thousand Nights or The Rules of Seduction. — willaful

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