Sandy’s Latest Passion

I love tea sets.

Correction: I’m crazy about tea sets.

Apart from my normal white china for every-day use, I’ve got
  • a Chinese tea set with patterns of rice worked into the china (see pic above)
  • a glass tea set (I’ll have to part with the pot, though, as the handle has partly come off)
  • a red tea set (well, it is actually a coffee set, but as I don’t drink coffee, it has become a tea set), which my parents got for their wedding
  • a brown tea set (this used to belong to my parents, too)
  • a Christmas set, which used to belong to my grandmother
  • umpteen-thousand different mugs

And now I’ve ordered yet another set. I blame the people at one of our local tea shops: they had the loveliest tea pot on display (white china decorated with pictures of cherry branches and blossoms). How could I possibly resist?

But that’s not the worst. Oh no. My very latest passion is table cloths. Unerringly, I always pick the most expensive cloth in the whole shop to look at. *sigh* But at least a 270-Euros price tag makes it extremely easy to resist the temptation… *g*

I’ve lately fallen in love with French patterns: I simply adore the collection of Garnier-Thiebaut.

In addition, I found an online store yesterday which sells table cloths from Provence. I ordered one with this pattern today (see below). Isn’t it beautiful?

One thought on “Sandy’s Latest Passion

  1. estara

    I think sells those Garnier-Thiebault ones, or very similar ones, anyway.

    I have a huge collection of tea mugs, too ^^. Just ordered a double size one from Etsy.

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