Sandy Discovers Tea Cosies

This weekend I discovered tea cosies. I had seen one once before, at a friend’s (*waving to Martin*), but I hadn’t realised how popular these things are in the UK, North America and Australia. Wow! There are tea cosy contests! People knit, sew or crochet their own tea cosies! There are tea cosies that look like Christmas puddings or miniature Christmas trees or cats or poodles or even elephants. (And then there are those which look as if the tea pot has exploded into a hairy muff … *g*). Wow! That was a major revelation.

Tea cosies are virtually unknown in Germany: we put our tea pots over tea candles, on warmers. But to wrap your tea pot up in a flannel waistcoat like Betty Barker’s cow in Gaskell’s Cranford after it has fallen into the lime pit- that’s very intriguing indeed.
I found the picture of the raspberry tea cosy on ebay, of course. 🙂

One thought on “Sandy Discovers Tea Cosies

  1. Carrie Lofty

    And by “North America” you must mean “Canada,” because Americans would wear that as a hat before they’d think to put it on a tea pot (which no one owns). 🙂

    Have a great holiday season, Sandy. I’m off to England today and won’t be around so much. Thanks for being a friend to me.


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