RWA National Preps #3: Of Bags, Socks and Shoes

Whenever I leave for a conference, I get all panicky beforehand about the number of black socks I own as well as about the size of bags I’ll take on the plane as hand luggage. I usually also worry about which shoes to take with me and which shoes to wear on the plane (it will be rather cold on Monday so sandals are out of question — I really don’t want to freeze my feet off even before I get to Dallas!). Oh yes, and which shoes to wear when we go shopping: sneakers or sandals? It will be warm in Dallas, but probably also raining. And besides, most likely it’s going to be fricking cold in the mall. So, what to do-hoo-hooo? (she moans in despair)

Duh. By now, I’m halfway convinced that it’s going to be awful and that I’d better stay at home….

One thought on “RWA National Preps #3: Of Bags, Socks and Shoes

  1. spyscribbler

    I’m dressing for cold. I always wear warm clothes in the summer, because people (for some insane reason), think that just because it’s cold outside, it needs to be frigid inside.

    I don’t understand! I hope you have a wonderful time, Sandra!

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