RWA Countdown — Wednesday: Major Crisis Just Occurred

Ooops, I’ve just realized that I don’t have any business cards. That’s something I always, always forget. Shoot ‘n sugar! Wellllll …. I’ll give out bookmarks instead. Easy! 🙂

Will need to go shoe-shopping tomorrow. And gummibears-shopping! Originally, I had planned to take small chocolate bars (my favourite: Rausch Java or Madagaskar! Yum!) as small gifts for friends, but in face of this enormous heat wave I decided to switch to gummibears. Less icky than molten chocolate!!!

Had my very last lesson in this semester today. It dragged along quite horribly, but I just wasn’t in the mood for a full-blown nasty temper tantrum because they obviously had not read the stuff I had asked them to read. *roll eyes* Their bad: they missed all the naughty bits of Chaucer’s “Miller’s Tale”! Tee-hee!