RWA Countdown — Sunday: Almost There!

After packing most of my stuff yesterday, I spent this morning beautifying myself:

  • dyed my hair (not in any funky colour, just darkened my own a bit)
  • after drying hair, realized I didn’t like the look of my bangs (not really bang, but more of a slightly shorter front), thus cut my hair (and I’m not talking about having it cut here!)
  • after cutting the front, I set out to improve the back => cut more hair. Surprisingly, it doesn’t even look all that bad! (That just shows you I’ve got an adventurous streak after all! Ha!)
  • painted toenails (unfortunately, toenails still look crap — they’re a hopeless case)

Now I need to experiment with the cold wax strips for a bit and paint my fingernails afterwards. Still need to do the print outs, clean the bathroom and do the dishes (or else my Mum will keel over when she enters the kitchen …)

AND I realized I can use my cell phone in the US. Ain’t that cool?

Update #1 (2 p.m.)
Look of toenails greatly improved with different nail polish. Toenails fine, but scraped my knee. Goodbye sophistication!

Update #2 (3 p.m.)
Yes! Can use cell phone in US!!! Yipee! In addition, I’ve just finished putting together the booklet with all my snippets of BETRAYAL, so I can work on the novella while travelling. :O)

Update #3 (10 p.m.)
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! My WM player is throwing a fit and refused to sync my John Denver songs to the MP3 player. Booohooo! Had to use my other ‘puter with an old WM player. Couldn’t create folders. What the heck. Music is finall on the stupid player. BUT bathroom is still uncleaned, dishes still undone, litter trays equally uncleaned. — And I’m turning mad.

Wanna stay at home!!!

(And now I’m listening to Christmas songs …)

(Told you I’m slowly turning as mad as a March Hare!)