RWA Countdown — Found Shoes!!!

Yay! I’ve finally found shoes I can wear on the plane and for walking around Georgia Aquarium on Tuesday. Bought the last few presents today (bookmark calendars) and got the KARL novel I want to use as a give-away in my workshop. Still need to finish the preps for the workshop, though. And burn 50 CDs.

Oh … and feed the cats, of course. *g*

One thought on “RWA Countdown — Found Shoes!!!

  1. Richard

    Congratulation on the shoes!
    Sounds like you’ve got everything packed for Atlanta. But: are you really sure only ONE pair will do?
    Oh and say Hello to those fishees at Georgia Aquarium. Maybe you can hold a picture of me up to check if one of them survived for the last 13 years. (Taken that fish have such a long term memory at all and show that by waving their fin).

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