Rosenmontag: More Carnival!

I hope you all had a nice weekend — I spent mine with just an eeny-weeny bit of corrections, trying to find a suitable MP3-player without being trampled to death on Saturday, and alternating between playing couch-potato and discovering the exciting world of podcasts on Sunday. Oh yes, and ordering an internet flatrate. (Endless hours of surfing the net, here I come!)

But I promised to bring you more on carnival in Germany. On the weekend the street carnival with parades started and today, on “Rosenmontag”, there were the big carnival parades in Mainz, Düsseldorf and Cologne. Here are some impressions from Mainz (pictures are all from the ZDF coverage of the parade):

the cathedral in Mainz

Gutenberg is also a fan of carnival :O)

the Mainzer Ranzengarde:

the uniforms of the carnival guards in Mainz go back to uniforms of real regiments that were stationed here at one time or another