Romance Goodies

Romance goodies are things like

  • North & South + Richard Armitage
  • Pride & Prejudice + Colin Firth
  • North & South + Richard Armitage
  • Northanger Abbey + JJ Field
  • North & South + Richard Armitage (oops, I’ve already listed that one, haven’t I? Oh yes, looka here; I’ve already listed it twice. My, my …. *g*)

And, of course, this:

  • Georgette Heyer + Richard Armitage (Oh look! There’s that name again! What a coincidence! *ggg*)

RA has a very pleasant voice and he’s a fantastic reader and it’s Georgette Heyer (!!!), so this audiobook is a real treat. Now I just have to figure out how to order the long audiobook version of The Lords of the North …

Waaaargh! I wish, I wish, the stupid dragonz were all dead already!!!