Ritas & Golden Hearts!!!

I totally forgot: the names of the Rita and GH finalists are out! You can find the list here.

Since I’m not on that list, I allowed myself a one-hour-bout of hysterical tears yesterday (but I’m a bit … uhm … unstable these days anyway and cry at the slightest provocation: switch on the tv, see a baby, cry. Duh. It’s the age I tell you!) So I bawled a bit, worried my cats, ate all my chocolate-oat-cookies, and felt utterly sorry for myself.

This morning I had fortunately overcome all this excess of self-pity, and finally realized that quite a number of my friends were nominated. So now I can be excited for them and cheer them on in Atlanta. (And I don’t have to buy a new dress for the awards ceremony. Yay! I hate buying new dresses!!!!) :O)

And besides, I can always buy more chocolate-oat-cookies. *g*