After finishing all the grading yesterday evening, I’m finally free to start with the revisions of my three novellas (as you can see, I’m using the same dark red pen for both grading and revisions *g*). Woohooo!!!! Since I received my editor’s revision letter, I’ve been looking forward to this SO much. I love this step in the publication process: giving the contents of my stories one last polish and seeing how it all tightens up. (Besides, at this point I’ve usually come to the conclusion that my latest literary outpourings are not lethal after all, which is always such a big relief! *ggg*)

With this new series, I also need to check the continuity, for in the earlier stories there are quite a few smaller incidents that will become relevant in later stories. And then, of course, we have all those recurring characters as well as a number of recurring jokes — like Matthew Clark’s whoopee cushion that makes a sound like a dying goat when you sit down on it. 😉