Revisions Once More & Things I’ve Discovered in America

Once again, I’m going through my ms of Wolfenbach in order to tweak it into shape. And I promptly found that at some places where I made cuts during the last revision-feast the text has become somewhat obscure, so the cut paragraphs have to come back after all. In addition, I highlight intertextual references or passages for which I’ll want to provide some additional background info on my website. *rubbing my hands* It’s going to be so much fun when I finally get the chance to do “Secrets of Wolfenbach” pages for the website!!! 🙂 But first of all, of course, I’ll need to create some “Secrets of Betrayal” pages — I hope the pics I took for these turned out fine. Well, perhaps it would help if I would just get the film developed!

Now, on to things I’ve discovered during my latest stay in the U.S.:

  • peanutbutter M&Ms (this is Kris Alice’s fault! just so you know)
  • smoothies (ooooh yum! I bought a mixer on Saturday so I can now create smoothies myself — and now I’m thinking about buying an icecream maker, too. *g*)

3 thoughts on “Revisions Once More & Things I’ve Discovered in America

  1. Sandy

    My current favourite is a mix of yoghurt, a banana and cherry juice — I bet this would make a lovely icecream, too! Today I started experimenting with Hipp babyfood and created a yoghurt, banana, peach&mango smoothie, but was not totally satisfied by the results. Need to add more Hipp, probably. 🙂 Or buy some peach juice!!!

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