With the usual amount of chaos and panicking, I finished SPRINGTIME PLEASURES on 14 July and sent the manuscript to my new editor, the lovely Bev Katz Rosenbaum. As I still had to write the love scene that very day (and when I finally got around to it, my characters just wouldn’t stop, and Griff turned out to be a bit a of a devil), I was – oh my gosh! – SOOOO happy for the time difference between Europe and North America.

Bev read the manuscript in one sitting and sent me a list with necessary revisions the very next day. Her critique started thus:

Sandra, I loved this book! What a great character you’ve created in Charlie! Your voice is so strong and unique, and you have a real gift for dialogue. This was a wonderful, witty read!

I’m totally keeping Bev. 🙂

She sent me a list with 18 things that, in her opinion, need improvement (that’s not counting the not-quite-finished scene with the Great Sphinx of Giza). In two cases, I don’t share her opionion, so these two points will be disregarded. That leaves me with 16 (mostly minor) things to work on this week. AND with the Sphinx, of course.

The print out of the manuscript has just finished, so I guess I better start working.