Reno, here I come!!!

All right, my suitcases (please note the plural) are packed, my workshop/paper is written (finished it at 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning), the transparencies all printed (did that today) (and just realized I forgot one picture. Ah well ….) (as you can probably tell I was slightly disorganized) (slightly!), hair is dyed (did that half an hour ago) (as I said, disorganized), flight tickets are in my rucksack, and for the first time since weeks … months … eons! … I feel relaxed and almost human again. *g*

I packed Gaelen Foley’s ONE NIGHT OF SIN for the journey — I bought this book weeks ago, but just was too busy and nervous to read it. So now I’m going to make up for lost reading time. I’m very much looking forward to it.

There’re, of course, lots of other things to look forward to: apart from the conference itself and meeting friends, there’ll be the big booksigning on Wednesday afternoon. A whole ballroom filled with authors and books! And THE LILY BRAND and me among them! Yeah!

And yet another thing to look forward to: as some of you might know, last year’s RWA national conference was held in Dallas — at the same time as the annual Mary Kay meetings! Imagine a city overrun by umpteen thousand women! While this was indeed a rather fun experience and made for some interesting anecdotes, this year’s conference venue’s definitely going to beat Dallas and Mary Kay: there’ll be MEN!

So stay tuned for an exciting conference report!