Remodelling the Website — Doing Battle with the ‘Puter

Tonight (quite literally at night, in fact) I’ve been overhauling my website:

1) I’ve repaired the German pages the homepage-building-for-dummies programme ripped apart a few weeks ago

2) I’ve replaced all the png-files on my English website with jpg-files; so hopefully, the pages won’t take so long to load anymore

3) I’ve replaced the seasonal poetry with fridge poetry to heighten the general entertainment factor *g* (besides, I always forgot to update the seasonal poetry page, which is a bit embarrassing — I mean, in my lyrical world it’s still spring … *cough*)

4) I’ve restructured the English pages

5) and only a few minutes ago, I found out how to make a picture a link

Now I just need to update the news-section, think of a new contest, and then haul the whole thing online. Yeah!

Some more things I’m thinking of adding in the next few weeks and months: a page for writers with articles about writing, something about doing research plus a few research-book recommendations. Anything else you think should be added to my website? Let me know!

And now I’m finally going to bed! Good night! :O)

2 thoughts on “Remodelling the Website — Doing Battle with the ‘Puter

  1. Schrumpfkopf

    Yep, you should add a page about how to manufacture spare time in your own basement with simple tools from the garden shed. Wow, I probably do about half the stuff you do and I still manage to be quite stressed out…

  2. Sandy

    Hm. In the basement? ‘fraid that won’t be possible: the basement is currently occupied by three of our fish, which are going to spend the winter inside so they’re not going to kick the bucket. In water.

    Schrumpfkopf, I’m sure you do lots of other stuff I don’t do. Like translating “Während aus den Strompfeilern der Überbau zu beiden Seiten gleichzeitig in Abschnitten von 3.0 m zur Feldmitte hin anwächst und so die aufzunehmenden Differenzmomente für den Baugrund klein hält, waren die Endpfeiler zur Beherrschung des Kippmomentes aus den herauswachsenden Überbauten zu ballastieren oder rückzuhängen.”
    Or doing a radio show.

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