Release Day: BETRAYAL

I’m thrilled beyond words to announce the release of a brandnew novel: BETRAYAL went live on Amazon in the wee hours of the morning. So far, it’s only available for the Kindle, but other formats and a print edition will follow in the few months.

For seventeen years Ash has been eaten up alive by bitterness and hatred, caught fast in the clutches of the past. For seventeen years he has not been able to look at the boy he raised as his heir and not remember the terrible betrayal he had to endure. And yet, for seventeen years he has closed his eyes against the even more terrible truth…

Seventeen years ago Georgina fled from England and all she ever held dear. But for the sake of her child, she must return to confront the man whom she once loved more than life itself until lies and deceit tore her life and marriage apart.

Will their love stand a second chance?

Find the book on Amazon:

For some background info, check out the newsletter that went out today.