Random Pre-Lunchtime Musings

Not much progress on the finding-the-castle front. BUT as I will go to Bremen tomorrow (= loooooooong train journey) and take my wonderful, new Alpha Smart with me, I hope I’ll get something done over the next few days. Have Cissy arrive at her castle and finally meet the hero. (There are no more love scenes to write, so things are looking good! *g*)

Not much progress on the getting-the-butt-of-my-dreams front either. On the contrary! Ate too much cake on my Mum’s birthday yesterday. (I should probably walk to Bremen.) (Uhm … perhaps not.) But then, I’ve still got almost two months until the RWA conference in Reno. So there’s still hope.

But, to end on a more positive note: I’ve got four stars from RT!!! Yeah! I haven’t yet read the review, though. And if I’m really lucky, my copy of the July issue might just get lost on the way….