Random Observations

  • The University of Mainz is slowly turning into a madhouse. (But what’s new?)
  • Jago is still sort of ill. The vet is going to do an ultrasound on Monday afternoon. *sigh* I’m really afraid they’re going to find something horrible. :-/
  • Emotional stress is not at all good for the Weight Watchers programme. Or rather, the other way around. I mean, eating kohlrabi doesn’t quite make you as happy as eating chocolate, does it?
  • Fictionwise is eeeevuhl! This weekend they’re offering a 29% rebate on all e-books… Who could resist such an offer, I ask you?
  • I’ve finally bought the BBC adaptation of Gaskell’s NORTH & SOUTH. Will it be really as good as everybody says?
  • As I’ve enjoyed WIVES & DAUGHTERS and CRANFORD (and hopefully NORTH & SOUTH as well), I’m thinking about doing a seminar on Gaskell in winter.
  • Today it occured to me that, if I get a permanent full-time position at uni, I’ll be able to teach a seminar each and every semester. How cool is that? I’ve already started to make plans for next summer when our focus will be on the 20th century: “Women Writing History”; texts would definitely include Dorothy Dunnett’s GAME OF KINGS (wheee!!), Rosemary Sutcliff’s THE EAGLE OF THE NINTH, something by Joan Aiken, and, of course, a romance novel. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Random Observations

  1. Marg

    North and South is as good as everyone says! I hope you enjoy it too!

    Somewhat coincidentally my word verification was nsfan. Why yes, yes I am!

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