Ramblings on Bewitched

What if …

… all you knew about another person was based on a lie?

… your whole relationship with that person was an illusion that had ensnared you both?

… you had seen through the lie, but could not possibly tell him?

… you didn’t know anymore what was real and what was not?

And what if the illusion hid a truth that could bring death to you both?

(Oh yes, and on top of all that, you’re snowed in and there isn’t any decent chocolate to have because, duh, it hasn’t been invented yet, and he really, really want to carry you off into his bed and have his wicked way with you, and, boy [Note: not that you’re a boy yourself, this is just, you know, generally speaking], you’re fancying him like mad, but WAIT! What about contraception, hm?)