Rabid Fan

… that’s me. For today I’ve got Mary Stewart’s THE WIND OFF THE SMALL ISLES. As I’ve never read anything by Mary Stewart, you can easily guess that I didn’t buy this book because of Mary Stewart. NO. I bought this book because it once belonged to Dorothy Dunnett. And in 1974 she gave it to Helen McGregor. And together with the book I got a letter from Dorothy Dunnett to her friend Helen. That’s why I bought this book. :O)

5 thoughts on “Rabid Fan

  1. perfectly harmless Sandy

    AND I’m perfectly harmless*, too: I don’t stalk people, don’t write hate-mail, and don’t collect other people’s underwear.

    *perfectly harmles except when I’m the Horror Schwab, of course. 🙂

  2. Sandy

    No, it’s what I hope they call me. It would be nice to have courses of less than 45 students. :-/ But apparently, I’m just not mean and evil enough. Life’s a bitch. (Note to self: Practise freaking out students.)

  3. Kate

    Hmmmm… Well then. I find the scariest thing a prof can do is tell you you’re completely wrong. None of this ‘fostering creativity’ stuff. No “well, you’ve nearly got it…”. No “Well, I can certainly understand that way of thinking, now let’s develop it…”. Nope, when students offer ideas and suggestions, you’ve just gotta say, “No. Next?”.

    Not that I’ve ever thought about what I’d be like if I were a prof. In all honestly, I think I’d want to be the cool prof… but then my classes would be huge… so do I be the scary unlikeable prof…

    Hm. I suppose I really should finish this MA and think about a PhD before I start fantasizing about terrorizing undergrads…

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