PS: The Muse Talketh!

Ooops, I’ve totally forgotten to mention this: THE MUSE IS TALKING TO ME ONCE AGAIN!!!! Woohoo! Thanks to the lovely Carrie Lofty, for whom I took part in a survey on unusual historicals (not to be mixed up with UH), the Muse gave me a nudge last night. (Here’s another big, fat kiss for Carrie: *mmmmmmmmwah*)

Have I ever told you about that book project I’ve been planning to write for ten years now? It’s a paranormal historical, mainly set in Paris in the late 19th century. Back in 1998 or 99 I wrote the beginning and the ending of the novel, and I remember my friend Petra telling me it was the best thing I’ve ever written. Incidentally, it was also the first book project I tackled in English. But I was terribly worried that my English simply wasn’t good enough yet, so I stopped working on it (well, I also needed some brilliant idea for the plot, which wasn’t forthcoming). Still, almost straight away, I started to gather research material. And last year, I finally began thinking about this project in earnest (but still needed that brilliant idea), which is why I bought that 19th century Baedeker on Paris. And then, last night, after having finished Carrie’s survey on Friday, I HAD THAT BRILLIANT IDEA! Naturally, I started scribbling it down straight away and felt the Muse slowly coming back to life.

Oh my gosh, I’m so, so happy!!!!
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4 thoughts on “PS: The Muse Talketh!

  1. Carolyn

    Yay, Sandy!

    Plus, I love that gargoyle pic. Does the story have to do with Parisian Gargoyles? That would be awesome indeed.

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