PS: Question

How can I persuade my cat that the research paper I have to correct is not a good place to park her kitty butt on???


I do hope my students aren’t allergic to cats.

On the other hand …

Would cat hair all over research papers keep student numbers in my courses low??? (Since I’m apparently a total loser when it comes to being the Horror Schwab.)

4 thoughts on “PS: Question

  1. Kate

    Um… I think you’re out of luck. It’s a cat’s secret misison to park themselves in the most awkward spaces imaginable for their humans, I think. Between your face and the newspaper… on top of the wrapping paper at Christmas… right behind you so that you trip right over them…

  2. Sandy

    That particular cat also sneezes a lot. The other day I could just rescue a paper from becoming adorned with cat-snot. (I hope my students are reading this!) (Are you?)

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