Perhaps I ought to write about more exciting stuff on this blog. But I’m not so sure whether writing about a guy who does battles with a monster, rips its arm off, and later nails it over the door, wouldn’t be too much excitement …. Hmm …

A few days ago one of my colleagues sent me a link to a new Beowulf film which will be released in 2007. And in that film Angelina Jolie plays Grendel’s mother.

Angelina Jolie as Grendel’s Mum.

Angelina Jolie as a cranky, old monster.

Go figure.

2 thoughts on “PS

  1. Kate

    Oh dear god! How is she cranky, old, and monster-like? Can’t wait to see the makeup on that one.

    Who’s playing Beowulf?

    And I’d love to hear about anything Old English… whether it involves arms ripping off or not. =)

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